Negative Emotional Therapy

Negative Emotional Therapy ™ is a process/technique, which can release a whole lifetime of unprocessed negative emotions such as anger, shame, sadness, fear, hurt, frustration, hate, doubt, anxiety, and guilt that have accumulated in your neural network over the years.
It will release all the unprocessed negative emotions that have accumulated from conception until the present day. Studies have shown that from the time the first clusters of cells start to form in the mother’s womb, the fetus can start to experience emotions.
Maybe it’s not experiencing its own emotions, but the fetus can sense the mother’s emotions and accept them as its own. This seemingly only happens if the mother experiences highly charged emotional events or rejects the child during pregnancy.

To date, I do not know of anything more powerful, than Negative Emotional Therapy ™ to eliminate all unprocessed negative emotions from a person’s past memory bank. This technique totally gets rid of a whole lifetime’s worth of unprocessed negative emotions in a very short period of time.

That’s right! The whole process takes about six hours, depending on the individual. After doing Negative Emotional Therapy,™ a person can no longer feel emotions like anger, shame, sadness, fear, hurt, frustration, hate, doubt, anxiety, or guilt in relation to any event that happened in their past.

They can do their best, but they will not be able to feel those emotions anymore. The memories will still be intact, but all the events will be balanced, with no emotional charge left on them.