What is coaching?
Coaching is the process of assessing existing thoughts and emotions, observing behavioural and linguistic patterns, setting specific goals and discerning hidden saboteurs.
We approach our clients with the understanding that there is no such a thing as failure- there is only feedback.

Coaching is about!
Where you are now, where you want to be, and how to get there quickly.

What is a coach?
A coach is an individual who has the tools, techniques, focus, wisdom, intent, and knowledge to elicit a client’s values, goals, and beliefs. The coach is then able to create a plan of action and a strategy for success towards a defined outcome or result and is able to guide the client.

What is the difference between a consultant and a coach?
Consultants advise their clients about how to solve their problems, Coaches guide there clients to their own solutions, by asking powerful questions so that the clients allow their inner wisdom to come to the right solution for them.

People hire a Coach!
• Making career transitions
• Starting a new business
• Relationship/ Find a partner
• Struggling with studies
• Study choices
• Feeling dissatisfied
• Re-evaluating life choices
• Or simply looking for personal and professional breakthroughs